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Pre-K Student Proficiency Levels

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These proficiency levels provide descriptions of student skill levels for each objective. These descriptors are guidance for classroom teachers to identify levels of student understanding. This understanding allows teachers to build upon the students' current ability and work toward a mastery of grade-level skills. Beneath the proficiency levels, you will find instructional guidance for students at the developing, approaching, understanding, and deeper acquisition levels. These resources can be used as a springboard for instructional practices.




Standard 1: Listening and Speaking

Standard 1: Listening and Speaking

Standard 2: Reading Foundations-Phonological Awareness



Standard 2: Reading Foundations-Print Concepts

Standard 2: Reading Foundations-Phonics and Word Study 

Standard 2: Reading Foundations-Fluency

Standard 2: Reading Process 

Standard 2: Writing Process

Standard 3: Critical Reading

Standard 3: Critical Writing

Standard 4: Vocabulary

Standard 4: Vocabulary

Standard 5: Language

Standard 6: Research

Standard 6: Research

Standard 7: Multimodal Literacies

Standard 7: Multimodal Literacies

Standard 8: Independent Reading

Standard 8: Independent Writing


These resources were created by the 2017 and 2018 Oklahoma Framework Writers. The 2017 writers created the reading strand. The 2018 writers created the writing strand.


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