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Standard 6: Research

Students will engage in inquiry to acquire, refine, and share knowledge.

WRITING: Students will summarize and paraphrase, integrate evidence, and cite sources to create reports, projects, papers, texts, and presentations for multiple purposes.

9.6.W.1 Students will write research papers and/or texts independently over extended periods of time (e.g., time for research, reflection, and revision) and for shorter timeframes (e.g., a single sitting or a day or two).

Student Actions 

Teacher Actions 

  • Students will compose research papers with autonomy.
  • Teachers remind the students about how to write a research paper.

  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to write research papers within a short timeframe.

  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to write research papers within an extended timeframe.

  • Teachers monitor and provide opportunities for students to receive feedback on their research projects.

Supporting Resources 

Teacher Insights

  • Student autonomy will be varied based upon each student’s progress.

  • Autonomy does not mean a lack of teacher oversight. Students compose research papers that are achievable within prescribed time limits.

  • Time limits are subject to individual class structure but should be consistent. For instance, length and required amount of sourcing will affect time limits.

  • Research papers would qualify as a longer time frame, but students need smaller research situations as well.

    • The writing of research over extended periods of time, that includes writing within shorter time frames, can be students compiling an annotated bibliography for each source and then composing a research paper.

  • State testing may also require a (timed) written portion. 

Due to recursive nature of the standards, it is essential that teachers are aware of how all objectives within and between strands work together for optimal instruction.

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