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Standard 4: Vocabulary

Students will expand their working vocabularies to effectively communicate and understand texts.

READING: Students will expand academic, domain-appropriate, grade-level vocabularies through reading, word study, and class discussion.
4.4.R.1 Students will increase knowledge of academic, domain-appropriate, grade-level vocabulary to infer meaning of grade-level text.

Student Actions 

Teacher Actions 

  • Students will increase knowledge of vocabulary through reading, word study, discussion and teacher led instruction.
  • Students will use vocabulary understanding to infer the meaning of grade level text.





  • Teachers and students select academic, content-specific, grade level words that students need to know.
  • Teachers use an effective instructional routine such as
    • Using the word in several contexts, pronouncing it clearly.
    • Providing a student-friendly definition, explanation, or example of the word.
    • Associating a picture, graphic, or something memorable with the word.
    • Use activities and games to provide practice for students, saying and using the word.
    • Show the word’s relationship to other words.
  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to use new vocabulary in conversation and writing.
  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to make inferences about text based on vocabulary words.
  • Teachers monitor and provide opportunities for students to receive feedback when making inferences.

Supporting Resources 

Teacher Insights 

Choosing Words to Teach (article)

Standard 4: Vocabulary short (video)

  • Academic Vocabulary refers to words associated with content knowledge. Within every discipline, there is a specific set of words to represent its concepts and processes.

  • Domain-appropriate vocabulary refers to words that are “relatively low-frequency and content-specific that appear in textbooks and other instructional materials” (Blachowicz, C. & Fisher, P., p.1). Furthermore, domain-appropriate words include technical words related to specific academic disciplines.

  • An inference is an act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true; the conclusions drawn from this process.

    • It does not refer to using context clues to breakdown vocabulary.

Due to recursive nature of the standards, it is essential that teachers are aware of how all objectives within and between strands work together for optimal instruction.

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