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Standard 4: Vocabulary

Students will expand their working vocabularies to effectively communicate and understand texts.

WRITING: Students will apply knowledge of vocabularies to communicate by using descriptive, academic, and domain-appropriate abstract and concrete words in their writing.
3.4.W.2 Students will select appropriate language according to purpose in writing.

Student Actions 

Teacher Actions 

  • Students will include words that are appropriate for the purpose of the writing task.

  • Students will utilize resources when selecting appropriate language for their writing.




  • Teachers explain that the purpose of the writing task determines word choice.

  • Teachers model writing fully developed sentences using appropriate word choice for the purpose of the writing task.

  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to practice selecting appropriate words for a variety of purposes.

  • Teachers monitor and provide opportunities for students to receive feedback regarding their word choice.

  • Teachers model using resources such as synonym charts and thesauruses.  For example, instead of “said”, teach students to utilize resources in order to choose from words like, “responded, exclaimed, mumbled, argued, etc…”

Supporting Resources 

Teacher Insights 

  • The intent of this standard is that students create meaning for an audience with word choice.

Due to recursive nature of the standards, it is essential that teachers are aware of how all objectives within and between strands work together for optimal instruction.

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