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Standard 5: Language

Students will apply knowledge of grammar and rhetorical style to reading and writing.


For additional guidance, there is a Grammar Companion Guide on page 8 of the Support Documents.


READING: Students will apply knowledge of grammar and rhetorical style to analyze and evaluate a variety of texts.
1.5.R.4  Students will recognize the prepositions (e.g., The dog is on top of the doghouse) through pictures and movement.

Student Actions 

Teacher Actions 

In a spoken sentence, a read aloud, or text:

  • Students will identify prepositions in reading through pictures and movement.

  • Teachers explain prepositions are used to indicate position or time relationships.

  • Teachers introduce prepositions using pictures or illustrations in text. Example:  Read Rosie‚Äôs Walk then create a list of prepositions while reviewing pages.

  • Teachers introduce prepositions using movement.  Example:  Teacher uses an object to represent different prepositions in a spoken sentence.

  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to use pictures or movement to identify prepositions.

  • Teachers monitor and provide opportunities for students to receive feedback when using pictures and movements to identify prepositions.

Supporting Resources 

Teacher Insights 

"Preposition" by The Bazillions video

List of prepositions on page 11 of the Grammar Companion 
  • Prepositions and prepositional phrases link a noun or verb to describe direction or condition.  A preposition relates the noun or pronoun that follows it to some other word in the sentence.

  • When students are presented with pictures, they can recognize and describe spatial relationships using prepositions.

Due to recursive nature of the standards, it is essential that teachers are aware of how all objectives within and between strands work together for optimal instruction.

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