4th Grade Introduction

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Introduction to 4th Grade


Students in grade 4 strengthen their foundational and critical reading and writing skills to proficiently read grade-appropriate complex literature, informational text, and mixed media. Instruction focuses on asking and answering explicit and inferential questions, using text evidence, summarizing, and engaging in collaborative conversation. Students analyze texts for literary elements with a focus on figurative language, author’s purpose, and structure. Students continue to practice the writing process by writing narrative, informative (grade level focus mode), and opinion pieces incorporating grade level grammar concepts such as subject/verb agreement. Students expand their personal and academic vocabulary they can use in their writing and speaking by studying Greek and Latin roots and distinguishing among multiple meaning words. Students develop stamina for longer periods of independent reading and writing and create products in all modes of media. 

2021 Resources
  Objective Analysis The 8 overarching standards are broken down into specific objectives. Each objective is analyzed with student actions, teacher actions, recommendations, and key terms and related objectives.
Literacy Progressions See how 24 major literacy skills develop throughout the course of a student's academic career, PK-12.
 Proficiency Levels  Student skill levels for each objective from the standards are shown at the developing, approaching, understanding, and extending stages.
  UDL Lesson

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based framework for improving student learning experiences and outcomes through careful instructional planning focused on the varied needs of all students, including students with visible and non-visible disabilities, advanced and gifted learners, and English learners.


Some general ideas for implementing the UDL lens in an ELA lesson, PK-12, are provided in this chart.

  Writing Resources

This suite of writing resources includes:

  • student-friendly checklists for the narrative, informative, argumentative, and research modes
  • editing checklists for the beginning and middle of the school year
  • examples of teacher feedback on student writing
  • a peer feedback lesson plan with a slideshow and handout
Other Resources 

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