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Introduction to the ELAOK Framework

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Welcome to the ELA Framework Homepage


The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts (OAS-ELA) were adopted in the spring of 2016. The Oklahoma State Department of Education wishes to ensure all Oklahoma educators deeply understand the recursive nature of reading and writing to fully meet the intent of the standards. This website supports educators with resources that promote implementing the standards with fidelity.


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  • Watch this short YouTube video for an introduction to the site.  


Contact Us:

If you have suggestions or feedback on this site, reach out to the Elementary ELA director, Deb Wade, or the Secondary ELA Director, Jason Stephenson

Grade-Level Frameworks


Each grade level has analyses of every objective with teacher and student actions, supporting resources, and teacher insights; proficiency levels with instructional guidance; literacy progressions; and engagement strategies.



4th Grade 9th Grade
5th Grade
10th Grade
1st Grade
6th Grade 11th Grade
2nd Grade
7th Grade
12th Grade
3rd Grade
8th Grade

Standards Short Videos

Literacy Progressions

Engagement Strategies



Oklahoma Academic Standards

for English Language Arts Documents


Full Document


a complete version of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts, which includes a glossary, the 44 phonemes of the English language, genre guidance, & a grammar companion

Grade-Level Documents

your grade's standards in a succinct PDF
Qualitative Measures Rubric for Text Complexity a way to measure complexity for literary and informational texts, as described on page 90 of the standards document


Other Resources



All resources developed by the OSDE are updated on the English Language Arts page of the State Department of Education website




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